The Fort at Sujanpur Tira

The fort-palace at Sujanpur-Tira, 22 kms. from Hamirpur town is a historical landmark. The town was founded by Raja Abhey Chand, of ruling Katoch dynasty of Kangra, in 1748 A.D. and the palace, was built in 1758. The entrance is impressive and decorative. Inside, there are deep recesses and the walls have signs of faded paintings. It is a double storey structure, with arches, wall-niches and sizeable rooms. On the right is the Bara dari, where the kings used to hold their darbar. The fort-palace was destroyed in the 1905 Kangra earthquake and later by a fire
Sujanpur Tira is known for its five temples of which Gauri Shankar is within the palace precincts. Dedicated to Shiva and Parvati, the temple was built by Raja Sansar Chand in A.D. 1804.
It has a number of wall paintings that are still bright and have been executed with precision. Floral designs, figures of Lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha and other human and divine forms adorn the temple from inside as well as from outside. The fort or palace at Sujanpur Tira, known as Sujanpur Fort is located at 22 kms distance from Hamirpur town, is most visited historical landmark. The town was established by Raja Abhey Chand; from Katoch dynasty from Kangra, in year 1748 A.D. and the fort, was built in the year 1758. The entrance hall is remarkable and decorative. The fort is contained by deep recesses and the walls have the remains of colorful faded paintings. The fort is a double storey building, with curves, perfect alcove and huge rooms. On the right side of the fort there is a place known as Bara dari, where the darbar or courts were being held by the kings. A massive earthquake in year 1905 used a huge damage to different parts of the Sujanpur fort-palace.