Sujanpur Holi

Holi is one such festival which is full of colors and celebration of both peace and love. Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Sujanpur Tihra and people from different corner of Himachal gather here to celebrate. This Fair is quite popular all over India and so tourists in large number visit Hamirpur to visit this fair. The lavish decoration of Baradari and palaces were surrounded by green gardens. At the entry of Baradari there was Ashtdhtu statue of Lord Shiva placed with colorful. The famous Holi festival was celebrated with lot of pomp and show which has become a tradition now and every year for 3-4 weeks during the month of March Holi fair takes place in this ground. Other festivals like Diwali, Lohri, Shivratri, Janamashtami Baisakhi, Basant Panchami and many others are also celebrated with great zeal and zest by the people. They all live as one community and help each other. Community feeling is very well imbibed in the mind of people as also the feeling of being Sujanpurian.