Narbadeshwar Temple

Narbadeshwar Temple was built by the wife of Sansar Chand, a ruler of the dynasty Katoch, in Sujanpur. The temple is a major attraction for the tourists visiting Sujanpur which is located on the banks of Beas River.This age-old shrine is the worshipping place of Lord Shiva. The walls of Narbadeshwar Temple are embellished with exquisite mural paintings which are the characteristic feature of this holy place. The miniature paintings that adorn the interior are built in Kangra style. One can have the enchanting views of River Beas from the temple premises. This temple was got built by Prasanni Devi, the Maharani of Sansar Chand Katoch in 1802 AD and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built in an open yard ‘Panchayatan style’, the darbar artists have put their heart and soul to paint those exquisite frescoes on its walls and the ceiling leaving not an inch unadorned. Scenes from the great Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are depicted in the frescoes. The devastating earthquake of 1905 in Kangra region had left a broken piece of history in the remnants of this fort and its great palace at Sujanpur- Tira. Some of the temples of Sujanpur may have been built over again but the Narbadeshwar temple survived the seismic shocks. The walls of this temple have given refuge to some of the finest frescoes of the famous Pahari School of painting.Archaeological Survey of India is helping to conserve its rich treasure.