Kanjak pujan

kanjak pujan was started in West Bengal by Ramkrishna Paramhansa. It is done on eighth or the ninth day of Navratras. In this article we discuss the significance of the Kanya puja also known as kanjak puja and its relevance in the modern times.

kanjak pujan as the name suggests is the tradition in which girls in their pre-puberty age are worshiped as a reflection of divine energy. The word Kanya is a derivative of Sanskrit word Kaumarya which means a virgin. The belief is that as soon as the girl reaches puberty the divine forces leave the body. We are not trying to justify if the tradition is wrong or right. The word is also used for referring to Goddess Durga in her childhood. Unmarried young girls are worshiped as Goddess Durga during Kanya pujan or kanjak puja.

Let us first start with the history of the kanjak pujan. Although being very popular in Bengal and Nepal, it is a tradition that is practiced all over India. Irrespective of the fact where a Hindu is found in the world, they observe kanjak Pujan in one form or the other.

kanjak Pujan has been discussed in the ancient scriptures. It is said that the Goddess Chandi declared that she is manifest in all females in the universe and the entire set of rituals celebrates this spirit. As a part of the rituals a girl is chosen as a Kanya , a divine being.