Himachali Gaddi

-Gaddis belong to the class of the shepherds and their job is to look after goats and sheep. This is a kind of popular community in Mandi and you can even discern a section in Billaspur and Kullu. However, a massive Gaddi population resides in the district of Kangra and you can even discern them in Bharmaur in the District of Chamba.
Controversy prevails regarding the origination of the Gaddis. The reason for this is that, during the early days of settlement the Gaddis were known to have no permanent homes. During the summer season they made their ways to the Himalayas with their collection of Dhan that is the congregation of sheep and goats. In the winter season the Gaddis roamed about here and there in the plane land. However, there is no conclusive theory in matters of how the Gaddis originated. Some are however, of the opinion that the Gaddis mainly came from the plains of Punjab.
Gaddis have their own personal language. However, they even have the habit of speaking other dialects such as Hindi and Pahari. The Gaddis form a very small population. It is still unknown the exact population of the community. They have their own individual cultural set up. They even practice personal folk lore, and the quality of the music is extremely soothing and special. Gaddi garments are exclusively colorful and they follow different methods of worshipping Gods and Goddesses.