Mata Ashapuri Temple

This temple located at the top of the hill in tehsil Palampur (H.P) Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the very famous temples in district- Kangra. It’s comes under those temples which was built by Pandavas when they visit Himachal Pradesh during their “Ban-bas” time period. Distance from Palampur to Mata Ashapuri is 25 KM. It will take hardly 2-3 hours from Palampur to Ashapuri. There are also bus services or you can hire a Taxi from Palampur. On the way you can see The Ashapuri is surrounding with green hills, small rivers, small waterfalls etc which gives you full peace of mind and unbelievable journey experience. I’m sure if anyone will visit to Ashapuri he will never want to come back to his home, because it is situated on the top of hill so it will give you eye catching views which you will never see before. You will feel like the real Heaven on earth.


ठाकुरद्वारा-सुजानपुर मार्ग पर स्थित बाबा भीखाशाह की मजार लोगों की अटूट आस्था का केंद्र बनी रहती है। यहां प्रतिवर्ष ज्येष्ठ माह की संक्रांति से मेला आरंभ होता है, जो 9 दिनों तक चलता है। लगभग तीन सौ वर्ष पूर्व लंबागांव के नाग वन में फकीर मस्त अली शाह तपस्या में लीन रहते थे। एक बार फकीर पंडित के घर गए। पंडित संतान न होने से दुखी था। फकीर ने पंडित को एक फल भेंट कर पत्नी को खिलाने को दिया और कहा कि उसके घर दो संतानें पैदा होंगी। फकीर ने कहा कि बड़ा लड़का मुझे दे देना। समय के साथ पंडित के यहां दो बेटों ने जन्म लिया, जिनके नाम भीखू तथा भोंदू रखे। पंडित फकीर को दिया वचन भूल गया और लगभग पांच वर्ष बाद फकीर ने पंडित के घर दस्तक दी और वचन याद दिलाया। पंडित को बड़ा बेटा फकीर को देना पड़ा और छोटा बेटा भी उनके साथ हो लिया। दोनों फकीर से शिक्षा ग्रहण करने लगे। एक बार दोनों गांव में भिक्षा मांगने गए। वहां एक वृद्धा रो रही थी। पूछने पर उसने बताया कि उसकी गाय मर गई थी। उन्होंने लोटे में पानी मंगवाया और गाय पर पानी के छींटे डाले और गाय जीवित हो गई।… इस घटना का पता जब फकीर को लगा तो फकीर ने कहा, उन्हें ऐसा नहीं करना चाहिए। एक दिन दोनों लकडि़यां लेने के लिए जंगल में गए, तो देखा कि कुछ लोग अर्थी लेकर जा रहे थे। एक बार फिर दोनों ने मृत आदमी को पानी के छींटे देकर जीवित कर दिया। गुस्से से फकीर अपना चिमटा गर्म कर दोनों की ओर भागे। चमत्कारी गुरु ने एक साथ दोनों का पीछा किया। भीखू ने भवारना पहुंचकर धरती मां से शरण की गुहार लगाई, जिससे धरती फट गई और भीखू उसमें समा गया। जबकि भोंदू नादौन में धरती में समा गया। इसके बाद फकीर को भी किसी ने नहीं देखा। भीखू ने जहां समाधि ली थी, उस स्थान पर कांगड़ा के राजा संसार चंद ने मजार बनवाकर उसको पक्का करवाया, जो आज भीखाशाह के नाम से विख्यात है।

Baba Balakrupi Temple

Baba Balakrupi Temple is a famous Hindu shrine, situated in Garoru village at a distance of 2 km from Joginder Nagar. The Garoru village is also known as Balakrupi village because of this temple. It is dedicated to Lord Balak Nath, who is considered as one of the 9 “Nathas” and 84 “Sidhas”.

The name Balakrupi means ‘Incarnation as a Male Child’ and is used for Lord Balak Nath as it is believed that he is the re-incarnation of Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The temple is known for few interesting rituals and events like: an special Hindu tradition and ritual of cutting down the hair of 2 and half year old children known as ‘Mundan Sanskar’ and an annual fair which is held at the temple premises on every Saturday of a particular month.

Himachali Dham

Dham play very important role in Himachali marriage. It is the function in which all family member, relatives and villagers are invited for lunch. The overall function start with Ladies Sangeet. Amongst festive foods, the traditional meal, Dham, which consists of various cuisines served in small portions finds instant mention. Dham is prepared by boti’s who have been in this profession for generations. The utensils used for cooking the food are normally copper ones.

The process for Dham start one day before the function, and when ready, it is served in courses to people who sit on floor in the form of rows. The food is served in Pattals (plate made of leaf) and thermocol plates. Dishes include plain rice, Madra (Sepu badi/Mukund badi, Rajmah, White grams, Paneer etc), Palda (a curd based dish or curry), mustard based raita (Mathdi), pulses and Meethe chawal( sweet rice) or Mithdee (made of boondi, Bread crumbs etc).


Jaisinghpur is a small town and Sub-Division in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It was named after the name of Katoch king of Princely ordered state Kangra-Lambagraon, Maharaja Jai Singh. It is situated on the bank of river Beas. There are several notable temples in the town such as Janaki Nath temple, Radhey Krishan temple near Bus Adda,Laxmi Narayan temple, Baba Mani Ram Temple, Neel Kanth Mahadev Temple, Dhudu Mahadev Mandir, Guga temple (Called Gangoti near Shitala Mata Mandir), Shitala Mata temple, a Dargah midtown, popularly known as Baba Shah Mast Ali Dargah and a Gurudwara on Jaisinghpur Lambagoan road. Shitala Mata temple is famous temple of the town on Tinbar-Palampur road. Another famous temple is Jankinath temple.

There are many natural water resources in the town.’Baayein’ near PWD Rest House and ‘Naoun’ is favorite place for all boys to have fun by swimming in summer, however it serves the major water need of people. Jaisinghpur is also famous for its vegetable production on the banks of Beas river the spot is popularly known as Bhuare ke Bagh. Once Jaisinghpur was also famous for vegetable growing on the banks of river Beas i.e. popularly known as bhuaray ka bagh. But nowadays the growing of crops including vegetables has been stopped in Jainsinghpur and entire adjoining area because of the increase of stray animals, monkeys, wild pigs, rabbits, deer’s (Kakkar, Barahsinga and neel gaye), which spoil crops completely.

The menace of wild and stray animals has increased nowadays manifold probably because tigers/leopards which were responsible for keeping such animals under control have been killed by local poachers.

Jaisinghpur has been also known as the first place in Kangra or perhaps in entire Himachal for staging Ramlila festival. Ramlila of Jaisinghpur started some 90 years ago and almost all the actors were Brahmin, mainly from Awasthi community. Pandit Balkishan Awasthi, a native of Jaisinghpur who lived in Mumbai for his work and also associated with theatre there, have brought all the Drama items required for Ramlila from Mumbai and started Ramlila festival single-handedly at Jaisinghpur. He used to play the role of Ravana in the Ramlila and become very popular because of his dialogue delivery in strong deep voice and due to his tall, handsome personality. The uniqueness of the Ramlila was the Sanskrit language used at that time, most Ramlilas in North India are based on the 16th century Avadhi version of Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas, written by Gosvami Tulsidas entirely in verse, thus used as dialogues in most traditional versions.

Jaisinghpur is also famous for its annual fair also known as holian which are celebrated in the month of march during the colour festival of holi. The Holian of Jaisinghpur are famous for its mouth watering aalu chholey and Jalebi and continues for almost a week. Holding of Kushti (wrestling) at Dargah during Holis is an annual affair watched by several visitors.

Famous Chat Shop in Sujanpur

Aloo Chat (chole), tikki Shop in Sujanpur Tihra is one of most famous shop and whenever we get chance to visit Sujanpur Tihra We eat Aloo chat chole. Since our childhood we never forget this shop. It looks very small shop. If you visit any time during the day you can see huge number of people in queue. Schools or colleges students always in the queue in the shop and eats Aloo chola, tikki Chaat which are very testy. We don’t how exactly they prepare all the items which is Aloo Chole, Aloo Tikki, Smosa, Dhai Bhala etc. All the people who are belong to Sujanpur Tihra like Alampur, Thural, Jangal Beri and many others near wise. If they visit Sujanpur they love to eat Aloo chole in this shop. We stays in Delhi and whenever we visit our home town we eat Aloo Chole special shop. During this holi festival we also got a chance to eat Aloo Chat. We hope if you read this article and get a chance to visit Sujanpur Tihra dont forget to visit Sonu Chat Bhandar is one of the best shop for Aloo chat.